Frequently Asked Questions!

Question : Is there a mattress with the bed?
Answer: No, the price of the bed does not include mattresses. The customer will have to buy them separately.

Question: In what sizes the beds are made?
Answer: All beds are made to the size of standard mattresses. The single bed can accommodate 3 feet or 3.5 feet wide and 6 feet long mattresses. However, beds can be made in any size according to customer’s demand.

Question: What material is used for furniture?
Answer: We use imported laminated waterproof wooden sheets for our furniture.

Question: Which company’s wooden sheets do you use?
Answer: No single company makes sheets in all colors. So we have to use sheets from different companies to meet the demands of customers.

Question: How much weight a bed can handle?
Answer: Our beds are unmatched in strength, they can easily handle a weight of up to 200 kilograms.

Question: Is the car bed only for small kids?
Answer: The car bed is as strong as a normal bed and can be used like a regular bed.

Question: Does furniture get damaged by water?
Answer: We use imported laminated waterproof sheets for our furniture. Imported vinyl is used to print the design which is laminated after printing, and then affixed to the furniture. Similarly, we use imported PVC trim for our furniture which not only looks beautiful but also improves the water proofing of the furniture. However, do not wash the floor where the furniture is kept with plenty of water, but use a damp cloth to clean the floor.

Question: What can we use to clean furniture?
Answer: Furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Add a little detergent to the water and soak the cloth in it. Squeeze the cloth well after soaking it in the water and then use it to clean the furniture.

Question: Can we make custom designed furniture?
Answer: Yes, you can choose any custom design for furniture.

Question: Can we choose custom pictures for furniture?
Answer: Yes, you can choose all kinds of pictures to decorate your furniture, including kid’s own photographs, paintings, ¬†images of natural landscapes, animals, flowers and fictional characters etc.

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